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What’s on my mind most today is actually kind of humorous, if only because, the debate they discus is no debate at all. It’s simply fluff distraction, and frankly a moot point with lessons from history. This fake debate is, “Are the Wars being waged in the middle east, southwest Asia and Africa, by western powers, or with their help and moneys, to support, help, and protect people, to push government change to western style democracies, or are they for resources ?”

I’ve had an issue with our network and mainstream news media for some time. It’s really disturbing to me, as I also write a WordPress page “Future News Headlines”. I think of it as a satirical parody of Newspaper Headlines, their manipulations misrepresentations and agenda’s, in a tag-line. So I see a few Headlines, in my daily reading. Really, some are just too much. So, I wanted to comment on this war debate, mentioned to begin with. Just to get my thoughts down.

I believe we can say of Wars, the preponderance whether they begin for resource or not, end for resources. Through time we’ve fought for food, land, tributes, slaves, and in our world patriarchy, women. These haven’t changed through time. No, as we’ve advanced to list of things we fight for has grown. Yet still, all our wars are about resources.

We try to trick ourselves or allow others to try to trick us into believing, a secondary motivated concern is the  known primary. This new primary reason for war, always turns on some humanitarian action. We do this and try to believe it, or have others convince us into believing it, because the alternative has the dominating power looking like the aggressor it actually is. That’s usually us, the Western powers.

We want to believe in our perceived righteous cause. We want to believe we have the moral high ground. We don’t make it there anymore, however. Yet few of us as individuals, actually use raw resources. But among us identified as “people” are those who do use raw natural resources. Those raw natural resources might include the sons and daughters of each citizen as fodder.

The flat fact appears, they are all wars for resources benefiting the élite, before they benefit an overall population. War’s financed by élite financing and supplied by business owned and controlled by the élite. And also, all citizens are resources to get what those élite on top most need. More money and power. But to argue, peace, freedom, and democracy are anything but a cover story, when we have history to refer to, is lying to yourself, not facing reality, and not looking at the whole picture. Peace freedom and real democracy are wonderful beautiful ideals to strive for, even if they aren’t primary concerns when we’re taken to War.

But hey, those are my thought. I don’t expect they’re yours.

Returning to a Point, Before Fear

I have always loved people. People of all kinds. I don’t place rules on people. By that I mean, predetermine expectations that beliefs habit or culture must match my beliefs, or accept my ways as better and something to strive for.

For me, the present ways of the world are confusing. War and conflict, death and destruction, divide and conquer are the ways I speak of. With what seems to also be a struggle for resources, hidden behind the banner of American style democratization, hiding unspoken at the core of the present, confusing way. A phenomenon I see as the, I must get mine before you get yours, mind-set.

This phenomenon is caused, I feel, by a self-imposed fear. Not so much of the individuals fear, although it has affected that too, but a national fear. A fear that’s been easy to tap into, after The United States physical geography was compromised by attack. It was said at the time, “we can’t let a good crisis go to waste”.

I think this was the final huddle, for an agenda based in fear. Fear of a loss of influence, power, and control of a World Stage, as other more populous countries become stronger economic powers. The thinking and logic behind resource control, which is our foreign policy, allows for metering national economic advancements, in up and coming economic powers. The thinking here is, controlling  resources allow for the limitation of imports on those resources. Resources that could create large revenues for advancing economic powers.

This action has been pushed by China quietly gathering access to reserves of Rare Earth resources. The reason behind that being directly related to the underlying actions in our democratization, dare I say Crusade. A crusade that actually has little to do with the main stated purpose of Freedom and Democratization .

I’ve said all this not agreeing with the violence on the part of any nation. Violence which I believe to be somewhat caused by our example. Holding a policy position, while actions are taken that don’t  move towards that policy position, is a method of influence our leaders have used in the past many times. Now I expect everyone to utilize the same method, in achieving their goals.

I love my country. I would never accept someones physical control of our nations land. By that I can also understand those who don’t appreciate our occupation. So, I feel in moving our foreign policy forward ,while maintaining our place as a  world power, with a voice that’s listened to, requires a change in the implementation our foreign policy. I know and recognize there are powers within the United States, who will fight against any change of direction in our foreign policy, as it means monetary losses themselves and their friends.

Returning to a point where we had control of ourselves, requires that the public for a start,  recognizes that fear is being used as a method of quiet control here at home. Fear that guides the public into unquestioning acceptance of our nations actions abroad. Actions taken in all our name. Actions where war and conflict, death and destruction, divide and conquer are the method used for the implementation of our foreign policies. A policy, as I’ve stated of, “I must get mine before you get yours”, resource control, under the guise of spreading freedom and democracy.

Morals and ethics, even when they take effort and sacrifice to achieve, will serve you better when it comes to respect, than raw force and power.

In Need of a Lecture

I see, a point of breaking has been reached. I wonder about the logic, behind the reaction. I have to question the  decisions taken around the world, presently. I’m not sure we can leave anyone out at this point. Nor can we not acknowledge the position we hold and the part we play. We can’t, in understanding our place, refuse to place responsibility where it belongs. Understanding our place, admitting our culpability, and exposing the culpability of others, where justified, while changing our own policies, would be a strong step forward. Policies we’ve held for sometime, have only been expansionary, as we occupy to increase in our influence.

I’m not sure of this incidents timing. I’m forced here to look at this, knowing that the stated reasoning for “counter attack “ could be any number of convenient, pre-prepared reasons. Reasons the could be used at anytime, with no one questioning the logic, here in the west. So why now? Answer. It further destabilizes the region.

We have the same policy strangely with Saudi Arabia. You see political and social oppression for physical gain, is practiced there. As it is in Israel. We support them both, generally without question.

With the advance of history, and the years, we’ve lost any moral high ground ,we were once able to claim. We only help to advance those in the world, if they subscribe fully to our system democracy. And those who we influence, rightly or wrongly, have exactly zero experience with democracy of any kind. Let alone, an americanized version.

What freedom is it that we are trying to provide? From what I can tell, freedom is the freedom of markets, not freedom for the people. Freedom for the people would mean they could take all the time they needed to get their own country in order. When our brand of freedom really means, allowing corporations to come in and steal resources for pennies. Pennies, when compared to the resources real value. Resources the country we’ve targeted for freedom, might have built its future on. Resources stripped from them with sweetheart deals, bribes and payoffs, for air tight contracts. Left behind for those people’s freed? Toxicity and Destruction, for generations to come.

I can’t support a foreign policy and economy based in corporate greed and military expansionism. That doesn’t even come close to the moral high ground, our country should be working to regain. That is, if we are to be part of the world in the future. We must understand our number has weight, but there are other countries with larger populations. Throwing our weight around may work for now, but continuing to do, as we have, paves our road to the future with more and more bumps and ruts .

We are struggle to stay on top. We should be struggling to regain what our decision makers have thrown away. with their poor choices, over the last dozen years. Whether you think the words just or ignorant, the mistake was to not take the words spoken by George W. Bush, “We are going to mount a crusade”, to their fullest extent. Now here we are 12 years later, on the verge of war on all fronts. Why? Because we won’t change. Because changing means admitting our policy errors, and what’s been wrought from those errors.

If our country had a mom, we’d be getting such the lecture about our behavior.

Hijacked GOP

I miss the republicans of old. As we war with fundamentalists in the middle east, northern Africa and beyond, the gap from what was to what will be grows. Religion is the catalyst, that seems to be pushing our world to further extremes.

We worry about, or are led to worry about, the advance of Islam. We as a Christian dominated nation, with little knowledge of the religious teaching of another faith, are guided by what media presents to us, as the motivations for such violence. We have heard that we are hated for our freedoms. We are directed to hot button issues, like Sharia Law. These topics, media directed, promote Fear, and advance a Christian fundamentalists republican movement. A movement that’s Hijacked, as I see it, the “Grand Old Party” of my youth.

Fear is the weapon of choice, used to enable this new growth in Americanized fundamentalism. It started long ago, this use of Fear as a control mechanism. Mainstream Media presentations make this glaringly obvious. When one takes a critical look at the emphasis given to reports, on any evening news broadcast, with the use images and wording as rhetorical devices, there is little question Fear is the key.

The challenge to something as intangible as one’s religious beliefs, is a prefect breeding ground for the growth of fundamentalism. Beliefs when impugned, directly or indirectly, may perturbs any established group. Having been upset, fear is easy to interject using those rhetorical devices, pervasive in mainstream media.

The language of fear then used by the Hijacked GOP is most disturbing. When traditional conservatism is described as Leftist, I have to take note. When folks barely scraping by, want to grow an already massive military, I have to take note. When more and greater expansion of military occupation and involvement, is the prescription for peace, and the installation of American style democracy, I have to take note. I take note, because all of these are products of fear.

I take note of these circumstances, and pray for a return to some logic. Logic that the “Grand Old Party” once had. Maybe the words of a Democrat, Franklin D. Roosevelt, will display this New Rights folly. “The Only Thing We Have to Fear, Is Fear Itself”



The Waters of Life

This is a deep reproval of a control systems logic, not a call to action, and approval of the conclusion presented This is a view of possibility, probability, and opinion, about the future of tactics in conflict, and there devastating effects. The outcomes when presented to their ends, are simply to see in the minds eye.

I wonder, which I’m still allowed to do, about standard beliefs concerning military actions. I’m considering here, the actions we see in conflicts, worldwide. Bombs and Bullets, make good press, but the destruction that’s caused, represents an antediluvian system of control, We should know and apply more sense, at this point in our history of brutal conflict, with the current foreign policy direction. We do like to see ourselves, as on the forefront of compassion, liberty and democracy. We should look to a new system of control.

These wars for the installation of “Americanized” Democracies, are wastefully expensive, and we need a New Strategy, to continue our “domination”, under the current prevailing foreign policy logic.

So, using this prevailing and continued foreign policy path, and after looking at geography, Geo-political considerations, if the present trends advance, infrastructural development, present perceived economic value, and a worldwide financial markets, seeming bent on turn all goods into commodities, the actions for this direction are seemingly, mindlessly obvious. To yours truly, they are a nightmare.

I’d hoped some would see it by now, if considering what you already know of “Man” himself. I can’t be sure though, with any few words I put in front of you, that this movement, trend , advance of policy, through the “Good Faith Seeding, of Americanized Democracy”, will be extrapolated to the deduction made between these few words. To be exceedingly clear about this almost fanatical foreign policies outcome here, is simple. The prevailing control system will find it easy to justify, with only the standard manipulations.

Control all the water with your occupations, and you control Life. (This policy is actually at work now, in some well known control systems)

It’s possible though, it will only be seen, by the control system that prevails, as a great way to control Death. (Possibly already perceived as such. by some.)

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