The Darker Side of a Human Experience

I find many have questions about my personal issues. They want to know why I call myself a hermit. Some what to know how I became a hermit. Others ask why I feel a need to limit my contact with people, even as I profess to loving all of humanity and the wonders of uniqueness within all people. So, I will attempt to share the truth and whys of this aspect of my life.

There is a time in my past where I lost all faith in the decency of my fellow humans. It took some time for these feelings of fading faith and trust, to degrade to a point, where a single action pushed these issues straight over the edge, for yours truly.

I know I’ve seen more of the darker side of humanity, than most. I think that’s a good thing though. I think, most often, those on the darker side haven’t made an overt or conscious choice to get where they are. With circumstances often beyond youths control, youth as it ages in difficulty and stress, moves towards this, that I call the darker side of a human experience.

My first upset back then, was the effect of poverty. Even in a western culture, under our standards, poverty is a sad state of affairs. It wasn’t the struggle of the adults in poverty that was difficult. It was the suffering of the young whose parents were struggling. It was knowing that there was enough not to end the struggle of the parents but the suffering of the children.

Seeing how youth has changed, and not for the better, when something truly their own, was missing from their life. When others have had good summer vacations with family, but yours was trying to save some change for clean laundry. Knowing other families have leftovers from meals, when your experience is white bread and mayonnaise sandwiches, after scraping together enough change, at the month’s end, for a loaf of bread, isn’t the best place for youth to consider their future.

So I’ve watched what actions become more common and seemingly acceptable as these age groups progress in years. Knowing at the same time, because of various other experiences, that such a life for children doesn’t have to exist . That doesn’t stop the negative advancement. Knowing there’s an answer and having the powers that be take the decision that gives the answer motion are completely different.

My first hit to faith was the no action for the sake of children. My second hit to faith was the young themselves, and the ease at which their ethical actions push aside. But here, I don’t actually see any behaviors that other poor populace’s don’t espouse when impoverished themselves. Maybe I was wrong to hope for better.

These are small issues. The true move over the edge is seeing those youth who’ve become adults in this environment, who now have a real choice in life, as to their direction, choosing to advance their loss of moral and ethical values under the free will of adulthood.

These observations of a communities dynamic came from direct observation, while working at a crappy Convenience-Store. Granted, you do see the best and the worst of humanity in such a place. Honestly though, those best parts of humanity are very few and farther between, than one would hope.

The worst of humanity is what caused my personal change. My lack of trust and loss of faith in my fellow-man, is complete with this, the worst part. That part being those youths who’ve grown to adulthood and not changed their path but escalated their crimes.

I had a friend stop in my work after his work to grab his nightly 16 ounce beer and chat. I had a bunch of customers rushing to buy alcohol, and in queue. My friend said hello to a female customer, and all hell broke loose. My friend was then attacked, by the girls boyfriend, who was also a neighborhood gang member. While this happened others held me back, and seeing an opportunity the customers looted the store. Meanwhile while being held back, the gang members attempted the murder of my friend while I could only struggle and watch.

When it finished, after the looting beating ambulance and police, I cleaned up the puddles of blood my friend had left, and pulled blood spattered products off the shelves, and tried to clean the dried droplets from the windows, and finished my shift. I’ve never to return to the neighborhood let alone the store.

Several months later I testified against the three gang member, at trial. They were, convicted. I lost a friend too. I think that was destiny. I know I suffered guilt for so long, not being able to save a friend from such a fate. I’ve also even though I love humanity, I have no faith or trust in those whom I don’t know. This is why I choose the life of a hermit. These circumstances are why I stay close to home. You see it’s not for me I stay home, it’s for you. Protection is the concern. Protecting you from me. My lack of trust and faith in you, brings me to a full defensive state. A state of mind where the unknowns are a danger and those dangers might cause on my part the inappropriate actions, of which I complain. A loss of morals and ethics, as my body slips into survival mood.

I am kind loving stable and happy when holding down the hermit home front. I am a spring ready to snap, ready to give up my life for those I love, without question, on a seconds notice of perceived danger. I am a hermit, and see myself as an unaccounted for variable when spending time in public. As a hermit I care and I love, in public I’m a time bomb that searches for injustice and crime. I have what I’m told is a special look. Which has now and then served me well. The unknown for other is when that look comes, how close I am to dispensing my brand of vigilantly justice, with a special emphasis on adults who are lucky enough to have children, but choose to abuse them in public. Because the children are innocence, till the world of selfish uncaring inattentive abusive adults, destroys the children from within.

So, Why am I a hermit? I am a hermit for you, so I can keep love in my heart for everyone.

From Complex to Simple


I find it an oddity in human beings, that procrastination is always the choices, when it comes to taking and making important decisions.. As individuals most of us do fine by the percentages in the management of life. As complexities build, by adding individuals to these groups. The management of the group system becomes more complex, the larger the count of individuals within the group grows.

From there, each movement of that group, as a whole, becomes weighted with added complexity to the management system. There are many and varied examples, if one thinks for a moment. When the groups finally are confront from within, most are too large to easily change, for the needs of their members. Clubs committees religions business government, and many other group archetypes, are these systems of giant complexity.

These Mega-systems are long to change, quick to respond, structures. Some are so large, the decision making process is a fettered one. As apposing individuals within the group posture, the progress comes to a stop. Compromise is lost to the large group. With individual concerns, for progress to actually take place, the problem of the group has to come to the point, where if nothing is done, the group will fail. A point of so much pressure and pain, the T.I.N.A belief, (There Is No Alternative) truly applies. A breaking point of assured destruction.

If you doubt this, I recommend taking a look at the issues around the world, being managed by these Mega-groups. International and sovereign governments business banks and social control like media, are some of these huge systems, and their overall failure, not to mention the lies, fraud, broken laws, false wars and buddy bailouts, all fit this Mega-model.

Not one of these Mega System, can any longer benefit from one good idea. It simply gets lost in the buzz of these system. Destine if anything, to be watered down altered and made complex. After all that, it may never again see the light of day.

Complex system are fully our problem. Human nature is to simplify and advance. The nature of the Mega-system is to add complexity and obstruct.

If we want to advance change, have more freedom with less corporation manipulation and lies, simplification is the only way to change the pattern of decision making. Simplification is the way to transparency. Simplification is the way to combat manipulations and lies. Simplification also closes the chance for fraud. Our hope and direction as people on mass, should be to work for the simplification of these complex system,. It is the one thing I believe will lead us, into a better future for all mankind.

Hooray it’s Over, But it’s Really Not

Nothing like Election Day. The best part is the constant bombardment of politically motivated advertising ends. Can I get a Hip Hip Hooray? I’m so sick of it. I’m sure there are many like me. I mean, Good Lord, the waste of money. It really should piss off millions. Poor and rich folk alike. I really don’t think, even though I know my preferred “Third Party” candidate, for the top office, won’t win, that I’m much different than any other rational person on this issue. Excessive isn’t the word for it. It’s more than that. When I think of the “Real Good” that could have been accomplished with a billion dollars. It’s simply sad., and truly a national embarrassment.

In this sickness, a manipulation of people, I’d like to point out, to anyone who might read this, that there was a time, when we in our legal system, people could be property. We came to understand though, over time, our error. In that time there was an explosion. We call it a Civil War.

Though some issues were resolved, it was brutal and bloody. People, those who were slaves and the free alike, made it through. We as a country, recovered in many ways and began moving forward again. But the effects of this “War of Sides” still linger, even today, Even in spite of the many remarkable changes to our social structure and preconceived notions, over the many years since.

Now in our legal system, we’ve flip-flopped. A term we’ve heard too much, this election cycle. Here though, it fits well. The legal belief now is most easily stated as, Property transformed to living people.

Frankly this Magic Trick, has caused a division within the actual persons who populate our beautiful country. But even worse than that, for 6 months or more, it’s drove us all either insane, or toward the repeated consumption of strong drink. Something I recommend and fully support, to get one through the “Regular” nattering of political rhetoric.

This cycle has been anything but regular. In fact, while the rational tip a few to make it over the hump of these elections, we’ve sunk to new lows. Waste, total waste, on little more to those aware, than lies and manipulations. Even by foreign groups. I mean really? That crap just makes me sizzle, and it should. It also needs to, and should, STOP!!!!!

We do still have a choice, for those who can see past this media mind game. We speak up, explaining the media manipulation, and the mind game it plays, for those who can’t see through this fog. Taking a stand, and holding it, is a start. I can’t, and I hope others can’t either, just let this go for 2 or 4 years. When once again, the discussion becomes overshadowed, in the electioneering of new campaigns.

“We the People” are the words. The words are not, we the “people” which includes non-living legal entities and special interests. I mean get a grip. Any one of us, as being a real person understand what people are, being one ourselves. Those types of people, the ones you and I know and see everyday, the ones who have relationships, live and create through the process of biological procreation, should be our governments focus, Those are the people referred to in. the “We the People” in the preamble of the United States Constitution. That should have been obvious to anyone, who’s ever shook anybodies hand. But it wasn’t, so “We the People” real actual and true, must tell them continuously and without fail, until our elections are once again….. by and for the people.


Austerity, Creating the EU Caste Sysytem

I find myself today, revisiting comments I’ve made in the past, regarding the EU and it’s direction, with a focus on the average citizen’s suffering, due to forced austerity. I’m not sure any nation in the EU, accepted or expected “The Brussels, Financial Inquisition”. To clarify my feelings on this situation, I will use Greece as my example.

The Greek people have seen the many methods and pressures, that have caused a forced loss of their national sovereignty. Austerity and budgeting changes, conforming with the policies and practices of the German Bundesbank. These changes, required by the EU, don’t conform to the needs of the people and their government, anywhere else but Germany. These dictated mandates, by the ruling factions in the EU’s fiscal framework, serve only to raise fear in the affected nations. Fears of a lost culture and fears of lost social connections, are in the public’s mind. Rightly so I feel, as national identities are suppressed, for a Euro-centric patriotism.

The Fiscal Union, a one size fits all plan, was poorly conceived. The nation states joining, poorly vetted, regarding budgets and debts. A fly by the seat of your pants operation, with a fix-it as we go policy. A policy that has had repercussions world wide.

Bearing the brunt of the these circumstances, we find the average citizen of Greece. These are folks, who amid all the controversy surrounding tax dodging in Greece, are those who had few resources, with neither a need or the means to shelter resources from taxation. But these normal folk, are left to suffer through no fault of their own.

These forced austerity controls, roll over sovereignty. Greece will not be the only one. Greece is being used as an example. This while bailouts go directly to service debt. That means those bailout funds go directly, with small exception, right back to the banks. Serving to actually raise debt, not lower it.

This genocide of self determination, will be more apparent when children take to the streets to beg, as they do in India. The example being made of Greece, as 150 new austerity demands come from the EU, for Greece’s Parliament to pass legislation on, only prove the manipulation and pressure by the EU machine.

This tragedy will create, an even larger underclass, and causes me to wonder if the Caste system is the end game in the EU. To create the rulers and the ruled. To progress the gap between the Have’s and Have Not’s. The paths chosen by the EU monetary union, seem to support this creation of an India style, culture of classes, for the creation of a caste system in the EU.

This touches merely the edge of this issue. Human nature says to me, those with power wish to retain power. Human nature also says to me, based on the “I must have mine, before you have yours” principle tells me, this will only progress in the future. The continued siphoning up of wealth, that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer, is clearly set to continue (worldwide). As the economic and fiscal power player, Germany has returned to Dictatorship, whether they like it or not. Greece fought off the German occupation in WWII, too bad history isn’t set to repeat itself.

Too Big for their Breeches

There is no question that financial institutions have their place. There’s also no questions that business is a benefit to society, as they provide needed goods and services. However, I’m seeing that they’ve become a little too big for their breeches, because of gains made through policy change, low borrowing rates, and increasing fraudulent practices, that aren’t litigated as crimes. This has supported a sense within the industry, of  being untouchable. Too big to fail as a concept, continued bailouts, and small fines for large scale theft and fraud, have created this climate.

I see greater control of the populous, because of the untouchables. Food is a great example. As petroleum corporations increase the manufacture of biofuel, food comes off the table for the worlds poor. This is caused by an increase in commodity prices. As edible calories are removed from the market. Even though there is no need to use food stuffs for biofuel manufacture.

Farming food production and distribution is a petroleum dominated industry. From fuel for the farm equipment, to pesticides and fertilizers used during cultivation, and the fueling of the trains and trucks that bring those products to your store, all enabled by petroleum.

There isn’t a commodity that’s not made possible by petroleum. And there isn’t a commodity who’s price can’t be manipulated, as power players fiddle with the world stomach and lives. Considering the importance of food prices, as people need to eat. Also including fuel again, as people need heat light and to cook their food. People also need to save for their futures, when the fiat currencies that dominate monetary exchange, stability is in question. A function of precious metals, to my thinking. But the commodities market is also the structure that can make unavailable these life sustaining elements to the masses of impoverished persons.

These controls and manipulations are no big surprise, as we watch the siphoning of wealth from the bottom, up. I’d also expect even more outrageous behaviors from these created entities. Many see reports of fraud in other financial sectors. Which is not a surprise. But many don’t note manipulations within the commodities markets. Even though commodity prices are reflected in a households everyday purchases.

The prices of commodities are set to become even more important, to the average consumer. I say this because I believe we have inflation locked into our future. We will have inflation because of continued printing of money and growing debt. I foresee a 50% currency devaluation over the next 12 years, here in the US. Something that never would have needed to happen, but for the present time flawed policy and practices of the FED.

Unfortunately many have been led to believe, inflation will help them with their personal debts. This may be, but the total effect continues to advance the gap between rich and poor. This is the plan though, it appears by the games being played in the markets. It advances the two class system so sought by the elite investors. You can see this related in the stock markets rebound since 2008. The numbers are up for sure, but the reality when one asks those saving for retirement or a rainy day is they’ve taken a serious hit, and their investments haven’t rebounded as the markets numbers would suggest. But you ask yourself where did it go, and that’s obvious. Those moneys lost by ordinary investors, from retirement savings and small investor portfolios have been siphon straight to the top.

I believe we need to see this idea of wealth trickling down, as a failure. I also think, the only voodoo we see in our economics, is the magic of wealthy redistribution to the top, while pushing the idea that those on the bottom are the drain on the middle class. When will the masses see how they are being controlled and lied to, about what’s in store for their financial future. I see losses. Losses from more scams more scandal and more fraud. These used as weapons by the power players, to part those with retirement funds and small investor portfolios, from their money.

Today at the NY Fed.

I may not like the Federal Reserve. I may think there needs to be a change, from a system of Fiat Currency. I may not like a government, not in control of it’s own monetary system. I may Complain. I may Rant. I might even make Jokes. But what the hell’s this bomb craze?
Violence is small minded. I comes from a place of no words, and most often, no turning back. Words have power, and when you use them and seek those who use the same, you gain power.
An explosion of ideas is what changes the world, not the explosion of bombs.
I am very happy this plot was followed, and spoiled.
I don’t understand Violence. I’ve seen much of it, and it’s never made things better. Violence, is giving up.

Spectator in the Roman Colosseum

I have no investments, I live simply because my means are extremely limited.  I’ve been a follower though, of  financial markets, economic policies and the movement of wealth within the worldwide monetary system, since my youth. There are understandings I’ve come to, looking at these structures. You can read all you like study all you like, and  have as many degrees on the subject matter as you like, but that will only take those concerned so far. The reason behind this is the  stochasticity of all markets, and the unreality of fiat currencies.

Now we see the manipulations surfacing. Curious and criminal evaporation of segregated funds. Non-standard practices, quietly reported, so as to be forgotten. Ethically flawed mechanisms, providing unfair advantage, to a special few. Electronic high speed algorithmic trading, that allows for markets manipulations. Practices and policies worldwide, that benefit only banks and disregard people, to the point it brings demonstrations to the street, in country after country. All of these causing pain to the great majority, and greater wealth to a very few.

This economic trickery, with a massive campaign of propaganda behind it,  keeps saying it’s all going to be okay. I don’t see how. Economic austerity, government budget cuts, these are all mantras banged into our heads in every paper magazine, or video media news source. All policies I find to be counter productive,  in achieving the desired goal. I look at this cross-purpose with scorn and contempt.

There are  questions I find hard to answer, in the wake of all this advancing scandal. The question is, where are the accounting firms in all this? Why does the SEC settle each scandal that’s revealed, for mere pennies, in comparison to the damage done? Why do these grand economic schemes, all vacuums to middle class saving, find such support? Why are class caricatures, used to vilify the weakest among us as the problem?  Why isn’t the coming inflation, a bigger story?

All my questions have answers. All of what I’ve stated have one thing in common. The commonality is the structure of power and how it relates to the wealthy. It’s about the control of people and the move to a two class system. I call it a W-W theory. W-W stands for the “Weak and the Wealthy”. I use this as a base concept, in the powers that be, desired goal.

We view network news that’s only in sound bites. We watch reality television that shows no reality. We live disconnected lives, only surfacing every four years, if that, thinking we’ve participated in our democracy. We are economically illiterate. We are complacent. We are trusting of those whom culture has told us require respect. We are spectator in the Roman Colosseum. We are Lambs lead to slaughter.

I have a dream. The dream sees better days. The dream has a completely different perspective than the present  paradigm. Some have called it “waking up”. Some have called it becoming enlightened. I think it to be simpler than that. I call it paying attention, and being concerned about the future. I dream of that. Why do I dream that? I dream it, because we’ve been made blind by a constant diet of the inane and unimportant drivel. We’ve been lulled to sleep, with a system of control so insidious, some think of  it like a best friend. The control, your television. There’s good to be found in broadcast media, but understanding what your seeing, why your seeing it, and it’s effects, aren’t often considered when clicking the power button on the remote control. My dream is for my fellows to be aware of the systems of control, and see through it, once and for all, and change it.

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