BRICS Union’s Golden Future

B= Brazil  (Gold)

R= Russia (Gold)

I= India (Gold)

C= China (Gold)

S= South Africa (Gold)    South Africa alone, holds <40% of world gold reserves.

Tough Times?

Tough Times? No. Absolutely Brutal. Note though the Stock Markets Recovered losses and grown. Some Banks even reporting record earnings. While scandal after scandal is slowly trickled through the media. Earnings are up for those at the top, while those in the middle and bottom lose Jobs and Homes. MacDonald’s, a place many go for a cheap meal, for themselves or their families, from the “Value Menu”, business is off. Private Parties with huge resources work to manipulate government, that was to be by and for the people. Language of continued conflict, presses on a war weary country. Jobs are shipped over seas, while infrastructure, built long ago to support industrial growth, falls to pieces. But no, there’s no class warfare being waged….No.

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