BRICS Union’s Golden Future

B= Brazil  (Gold)

R= Russia (Gold)

I= India (Gold)

C= China (Gold)

S= South Africa (Gold)    South Africa alone, holds <40% of world gold reserves.

Like a Boy Scout, Be Prepared

I want only the best for my fellow man, that is my heart. I look for trends in Global Economics, as best I can, and follow Commodities Markets, because it’s the worlds stomach. These two thing’s have a great effect on how our world moves forward, and by way of that, how we live our lives. Those two things, global economics and commodities markets, are constants in my mind.


The analysis of the feelings in my heart, an easy task. The analysis of the subjects in my mind, much more troublesome. However, with the two components heart and mind combined, I am able to form some opinions about the world in which we live. I’m even able to come to conclusions about the direction of trends or manipulations in the markets, after giving the subjects so much consideration.


I personal include one tactic in my research, that I feel has been marginalized and become cliche, “Follow the Money”. And, since the beginning of what seems a trickle up economy, following the money should have become easier. The truth is, with the inclusion of more and more complex financial vehicles, and the erased line between savings and investment banks, adding in the variance in policy in banking centers worldwide, I feel the opposite is now true.


This tragedy, brought to us by the “Too Big To Fail” concept. Policy which has only added to the concerns of the common citizen, worldwide. I think what’s never pointed out clearly is the “too big to fail” is a buzz term, which means in reality, the institution is more important than the people it serves. Placing the too big to fail, ahead of all else. Bailing out the too big to fail from their Risky Trading policies. Taking a position of Greed and losing. Then after losing,  passing those losses on to be paid by citizen individuals. Individuals who had nothing to do with banking finance and corporate greed, or the risk they took in the new derivatives added to the market. A total run for traders, based in cheap borrowing costs from central banks.


I can’t save anyone from the even harder times ahead. I don’t have that ability. I do say forget your love of the green paper. Fiat Currencies the present recognized monetary tool are destine for abuse and failure. I would like all to have some solid store of value. I believe in a diversified portfolio, but the trend says to me the diversification percentages need to change. Look at your necklace or ring they have meaning or symbolism but they also have a value, and you can hold it in your hand, just like the green paper. Have you considered those items as personal wealth? Well it’s time to.


Governments have picked up the physical gold stocks they hold. There is even talk of a partially gold backed, Chinese Yuan. Tangible asset classes seem to be the trend. If you question it’s hard commodities value and future, again look to China. Chinese State Television has Advertisements, Marketing gold and the physical possession of it, to to all. Yet, designed, to speak to their growing middle class. Also add into this India. India is close to the largest purchaser of gold worldwide. Just surpassed by China, I’m thinking. So, I see is two fast growing countries, with a total population around 2.5 billion people, motivated and being motivated to purchase and possess physical stocks of precious metals.


Every country appears stressed by the changing world, and the advancement or decline of themselves and others. I feel it’s even more important to prepared, for what I see as, The Demise of Fiat Currencies? Do you want , because of inflate currencies, to see no value to your printed paper? I’d say no, and would make the move to correct my investment strategy. What you do is your own call.


These are tough times,  and I’d say, like a Boy Scout, Be Prepared, I feel, there’s much more difficulty left to come.

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