Observation: Political Class and Communication

As a politician it’s difficult if not impossible to unite your power base, when you no longer speak the language of your constituents. This though, is exactly what happens after having been immersed in the specialized nomenclature of  law government, and the social circle required by the elected’s mandate.

The diligence placed into speech writing is of no help, as those who write a politicians speech are also steeped in the same class culture.

The truth coming is, if you as a politician can’t communicate with the electorate, you can’t motivate or educate them either. This doesn’t mean a candidate won’t win the election, as their opponent suffers from the same limitation. It does mean however, the person elected in these circumstances is simply keeping a seat warm for someone who is a true leader.

The fact becoming more and more clear is, the language used by those who vote is the language one needs to capture attention, and grow a political power base. Political speak will soon be a detriment to a candidate, as the voters are even more jaded and cynical than ever before. This caused mostly by the contradictions made through political speak, over the last 14 years.

To be fully clear in my observation on this subject, when a politician or would be politician speaks to the public, the style and words used by those who can’t communicate, simply sound, as the political discontent grows among the masses, like sophistry. The key to being a trusted, listened to, powerful leader, is not making speeches that are well received and reviewed by the media. The secret is to speak and be accepted as one of the masses, while communicating to the voters a dream and vision, with follow-through.

That type of leader, takes a special place in our history .

Rip Away the Blindfold

The finances of this country have always been of concern to me. This concern has only grown, with my consumption of varied mediums, to a worldwide concern. I believe some old friends would remember, and believe me a conservative. I can say this, I truly believe there to be a time and a place for all thoughts and considerations. The world has changed since then, and so has America. We see all around the world the speed of change, and I have to ask can we handle it?

Our Technological advancement has come from a deeply entrenched military industrial complex. Our rapid advancement has come from our baser being, the warmonger. Our debt, the fall of countries, the murder of millions and millions worldwide, and the massive wealth and power of just a few, have all come from this industry. A industry we were warned about by the last man who knew the truth, wasn’t corrupted, and cared, President Dwight Eisenhower. Then not the iron curtain but the blindfold of American exceptional-ism was drawn before our public’s eyes, by the self righteous festival of post WW2 America.

I want to rip these blinders from the eyes of those whom do not see. The blinders of generations born with those blinders in place. I love it here, don’t get me wrong. I would bet though, that the majority of citizens born here in the United States, have not been outside the United States. I include myself in this group as I don’t count Canada. I don’t count Canada because of our massive cultural similarities. The only way to find the truth, our blinders block, is to seek it. Our healthy skepticism has faded.

Our healthy skepticism has faded because we, in our affluence, have become complacent half participants in our governments process. The blinders have worked and we are responsible, all of us.

We who have the means to find answers but do not, let down all who have no means to find their own answers. I fear the ignorance of party line voting and a status quo mentality we seem to be continuing to propagate.

Our responsibilities as a citizen are great, yet, we have dropped the ball. Another election cycle begins and we must decide again. With financial concerns on the rise world wide, with social unrest, with tragedy all around from disaster, and our own people, and so many others dieing, our choice is more important than ever. I ask all, I beg I plead, seek the truth, and please vote for people. People.,living breathing suffering, people.

Pressing on as we have, will help us no more. Time to concern ourselves, and encourage the others, that’s it’s time for a little maintenance of our national houses. The stronger our world wide infrastructure, the better off all will be. An emphasis on education, that’s been neglected, and emerging science will allow us to redirect resources including workers, from destroying to the betterment of all man kind. We need another giant step for all world-kind.

Think about it.

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