Our Gamed System’s Lack Of Vision

These folks, our elected and appointed elites, need advice with our gamed system. It’s a shame the advice both the main party ideologies seem to have, is from other folks just like themselves. They are bound by beliefs and set practices that bar them from thinking creatively. This has caused us as “just regular citizens” of our country, and many others around the world to suffer. Of course, being regular citizens we know there are many ways to suffer. One of those ways is, the public having to respond to the politicians reactionary policies of fear, as they slam their breaks on sensible policies for our future. No matter what party you do or don’t belong to, we’re always recovering  from political whiplash at the very least.

If they’d only ask someone normal for an idea or opinion, as the present paid advisers, lobbyists, PAC, and Super PAC Spokespersons seem bent on destruction. The legislative powers approve some changes this foolishly, but disallow or don’t even consider other changes which of benefit. They’re plagued by old set practices from a time when our system of governance wasn’t so debased .

Goodness forbid, they might use a few advisers with life experiences, opposed to those with agenda’s, connection, and contracts, to give an honest appraisal. Then pick their minds for a wealth of knowledge, that’s reality based, All at less cost to their all so important elections to privilege, because they actually seem informed. Especially considering, how comical many elected officials look being as out of touch as they are. This might help, you never know. Certainly little else has made a real difference. Then, maybe we could actually address some of our mounting issues, and work on some of these, all around, burdens all.

Personally, I have little hope or sight of this ever happening. You see, every time I look at our politics I have this curious vision problem. I laughingly call my problem a “dystopia”. Today when I look at the political glass, it is neither half full or half empty, but cracked and leaking. I want the best for my fellow Americans, but I can’t see it coming back around. There’s just, no vision.

Making a Stink

I’m a Cynic, and somewhat Jaded. I’ve been told many times, that I should write of happier subjects than business banking and those who suffer because of them, . Let me tell you, this can be a chore. So I’ve been trying to adjust, without changing. You see, I don’t mind being cynical and jaded. There’s times it’s kept me, all warm and snuggly. That’s tough to find. So, I had to ask myself, why give it up the subjects I love? Why, indeed. I actually write for me, I just try to think of anyone who’s kind enough to read something I write, as looking over my shoulder.

I’ve decided to try and introduce the strangeness of my imaginings to written form. I think it might be amusing. Anything amusing seems preferable now, no matter my love for charts graphs and figures. I have to say, considering latest trend to scam and defraud, most of the time charts graphs and figures can be down right depressing. I mean, here’s how far the situation has digressed. I’ve started to see the whole thing, as an old Warner Bros. cartoon. The odd thing is, the cartoon’s Pepe Le Pew.

Pepe Le Pew, before DNA testing, is foremost a weasel. In my imaginings Pepe represents the banks. Pepe’s victim, the cat, represents savers and those putting money into IRA’s 401K’s or small portfolio investors.

Pepe relentlessly pursues, even forcing himself on the cat, attempting to steal what the cat is desperately trying to save. Pepe finds the cat, no matter where it hides. Each time Pepe finds the cat and forces himself off on her, a little of what the cat is trying to save is taken. After the taking, the cat tries to find a better hiding place. But each time Pepe returns, to take a little more. Pepe can’t just have a bit of the cat. Pepe doesn’t stop till all the cat has is his. Pepe might even make promises to the cat, when she’s caught. The promises are hollow. The statements of togetherness can never be. Pepe and the cat aren’t the same species.

Many won’t see the meaning of this comical play. Pepe as a Big Banks, and the cat victim, as the average investor, might be a stretch for some. For me though, it’s easy. The circumstances present in news reports today on the industry, make this quite easy. The fact that skunks, everywhere they go, leave a smell, is just a bonus feature. The stink is well justified in my imaginings. With all the lies scams and fraud, leaving behind the stink of excrement, seems more than appropriate.

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