What’s Sanity?

What is sanity? When the violence crime and other threats to the public are gone, what becomes the new criteria for judgement? Especially when one understands how Psychiatric conditions become known, and have treatment defined.

The loose set of symptomology, within various conditions, allows now for multiple diagnoses. Thus making some condition or another almost assured. Not that is the biggest problem. The biggest problem is getting the correct diagnosis.

So again, who’s to say in the future, who is in need of help? Especially when, voting determines new conditions and treatments, for a group of people requiring a client to return for prescription medication, to support and grow their practices.

When that is the business model, of a supposed medical discipline, the adding of new voted on mental health conditions, not research from a lab, do you really think anyone will leave the office without a prescription? Also, how do you treat with medication, a condition that isn’t always  clear or  diagnosed by medical testing? How is prescribing medication based on guess-work and opinion, medically effective? Who’s then safe from becoming labeled?

Do remember their thinking. For example, now if you’re concerned with health and eating good safe foods, you have a mental health condition called Orthorexia. So remember, there’s always a new condition they want to treat with a pill.  Now in this day and age, even taking good care of yourself and being careful about what you eat, is now a mental illness.

Are You Safe?

Somethings Fishy, Conserve and Profit

Record Price for Bluefin Tuna  BBC News
The Economics of Extinction, One Tuna at a Time.   lastwordonnothing.com
From Whaling to the active decimation of blue fin tuna stocks, as a former Fish Monger, I see these actions as criminal. From fishing in Alaska to throwing salmon at The Pike Place Market in Seattle, from buying seafood for Safeway to managing stores for Johnny’s Seafood in Washington, the true professionals I’ve known  have always mixed the desire for profit with conservation of the resource, many unthinkingly exploit. A failing of fish stocks, causes the failing of these industries, and a massive loss of jobs. Many understand this basic truth. While many don’t, and manically destroy the life in our lakes seas and oceans. I’ll say it again, this is a crime against all citizens of the world.
I too like Sashimi grade Ahi, but there is a limit. You don’t decimate a species to increase its price. Increased cost, and therefore profit, through extinction is not a good business model.
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