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What’s on my mind most today is actually kind of humorous, if only because, the debate they discus is no debate at all. It’s simply fluff distraction, and frankly a moot point with lessons from history. This fake debate is, “Are the Wars being waged in the middle east, southwest Asia and Africa, by western powers, or with their help and moneys, to support, help, and protect people, to push government change to western style democracies, or are they for resources ?”

I’ve had an issue with our network and mainstream news media for some time. It’s really disturbing to me, as I also write a WordPress page “Future News Headlines”. I think of it as a satirical parody of Newspaper Headlines, their manipulations misrepresentations and agenda’s, in a tag-line. So I see a few Headlines, in my daily reading. Really, some are just too much. So, I wanted to comment on this war debate, mentioned to begin with. Just to get my thoughts down.

I believe we can say of Wars, the preponderance whether they begin for resource or not, end for resources. Through time we’ve fought for food, land, tributes, slaves, and in our world patriarchy, women. These haven’t changed through time. No, as we’ve advanced to list of things we fight for has grown. Yet still, all our wars are about resources.

We try to trick ourselves or allow others to try to trick us into believing, a secondary motivated concern is the  known primary. This new primary reason for war, always turns on some humanitarian action. We do this and try to believe it, or have others convince us into believing it, because the alternative has the dominating power looking like the aggressor it actually is. That’s usually us, the Western powers.

We want to believe in our perceived righteous cause. We want to believe we have the moral high ground. We don’t make it there anymore, however. Yet few of us as individuals, actually use raw resources. But among us identified as “people” are those who do use raw natural resources. Those raw natural resources might include the sons and daughters of each citizen as fodder.

The flat fact appears, they are all wars for resources benefiting the élite, before they benefit an overall population. War’s financed by élite financing and supplied by business owned and controlled by the élite. And also, all citizens are resources to get what those élite on top most need. More money and power. But to argue, peace, freedom, and democracy are anything but a cover story, when we have history to refer to, is lying to yourself, not facing reality, and not looking at the whole picture. Peace freedom and real democracy are wonderful beautiful ideals to strive for, even if they aren’t primary concerns when we’re taken to War.

But hey, those are my thought. I don’t expect they’re yours.

Questions of Hope

Do others watch the world? Are there truly others, that care more for their fellow-man, than they care for themselves. When I’m healthy, a subjective state, housed and fed, my thoughts turn to others. Is that true, for any one of my fellows? Are we bent to greed, even the lowest classes, merely subsisting among us? What happened to “social responsibility”? Is it only reached for now, as a justification? Why has it changed from what it truly is, a physical act? Why do we now seek to belittle the act of “social responsibility”, with harsh buzz words like liberal and communist? What happened to love for ones fellow-man? Will we ever return from self-centered egotism? Will we ever understand our holier than thou nationalism, and our acceptance of old stereotypes, keeps us in a downward spiral of respect, on the international stage? Can we grow and change, while history moves on? Will we end up like all great empires, and simply fade into history?

Your guess as they say, is as good as mine. I hold hope in my heart, that we can return from this precipice. I know we can regain, our international respect. We can regain our moral and ethical standard as a nation. We can, if the will is there, truly change. With this change to ourselves, there will be a natural change to how we see our world. I look forward to that day.

The Forgotten

Vet 2


The forgotten in our society, show our true charitable nature. Oh, we can be wonderfully giving when tragedy strikes, elsewhere in the world. Where as, the adage, “Charity Begins at Home”, are just words to most. What shows here at home, is a sense of Social Darwinism. Strangely, Social Darwinism was one of the most powerful concepts and beliefs of The National Socialist German Workers Party.. Better known to most of the public as the Nazi’s.

Even those who have served in the military, once home from foreign wars, are forgotten. If they weren’t these veterans wouldn’t be living on the street. We should be ashamed of this alone, but we aren’t. We pretend to be outraged if a story reaches the evening news. When the news broadcast is over, It’s out of sight out of mind, until the next time we are asked for a bit of change, from the down and out or those homeless living in cars and on the street.

During the Holiday season we are a bit more generous with those in need. But 31 days out of 365 is a damn poor record of caring and concern, for year in year out hardships of our “Forgotten”.

The problem is a growing one, here in the USA. More than 1.4 million people in our country, now live on 2 dollars a day. As the, “I must have mine before you have yours” grows in the public’s mind. The belief that the destitute and homeless are merely an eye sore, spoiling your view of shops malls and department stores, are the unspoken thoughts of those who are well off or believe themselves to be struggling. Because we all know, when a flat screen, smart TV, isn’t in our home, we are the ones who are suffering. Or at least that seems to be the public sentiment.

Americans are the new French, although the French probably care more for their under privileged population more effectively. Snooty, Snotty, Rude, Spoiled, and believing, even though well off, that they are put upon and made to suffer. All based on the, “I must have mine before you get yours”, system of belief we as a country have cultivated.

I was taught to share to have compassion to take notice of those less fortunate, and if possible try through kindness to lend assistance, as I am able. Unlike my peers my eyes don’t slide off or censor out the less fortunate. I don’t believe they spoil my view. For me,those whom I label as “The Forgotten” need our assistance, not our judgment. For me “The Forgotten” need help, not our ridicule. And as many Americans with no frame of reference, believe they live in the greatest country in the world. As a Nation, like a Team, we are only as great as the weakest among us, and those people are “The Forgotten”.


Re: Life’s Gun Battles

I wrote “Life’s Gun Battles”, and it’s got me thinking about my past, and our future. It gave me a desire to post the link, therefore re-posting the original work. I was thinking, even hoping, more might read it, taking my experience to heart. Maybe even understand the request for reason and logic, in the issue of firearms, here in the United States.

You see, I know people who have acquired their firearms in a fully legal and legitimate manner. They have done no wrong to this point. However, they aren’t really people who would have been given the right to do so, (CWP – Concealed Weapons Permit) with a fully comprehensive  and accountable licensing program.

Preferably one that takes more into consideration than a few questions, a signature, and a short wait, while a cursory background check is preformed, and completed

The Link  below holds elements of my life experience. Elements which have served to form my reasoning, and thus my desire for a more well rounded, in depth, and responsible system of firearm licensing. I hope a few more read “Life’s Gun Battles”. At least readers will know the direction  I’m coming from, when it comes to experiences with firearms.

Life’s Gun Battles.

An Uncommon Interview

I felt this was a very interesting interview. Also an interview our national media would never seek. As staying in the loop requires media to stay within the opinions held by those who provide them with press releases, and a seat in establishment press conferences.

I doubt any will view the interview link in its entirety, if at all. My concern is always for people. People seldom choose the path government takes. Yet the people are the ones effected. While those who’ve set the paths direction, sit comfortably safe  from the repercussions of their decisions.

As always, I feel Violence is the last resort of those short on ideas, and the voice required for negotiating thee implementation of those ideas. . War is that domain. And it’s war where innocent people are damaged, destroyed, and decimated, by no fault of their own.  Where those who stand to benefit, wait safe on the sidelines of destruction, to pounce.

Currently resources are on the main agenda, as giant corporation who influence policy, wait to boom from captured Rare Earth Elements (REE’s) and petrodollars. But the complete regional control required, to fully exploit available resources, is still in the balance, as turmoil grows.


Bahrain, The Double Standard

Our media leaves out the story in Bahrain. We aren’t exposed to this brutal double standard, in our nations media, when foreign policy is discussed. I want to feel again, that we as a nation have command of the moral high ground. Respected because we’re uniform and consistent with how we exercise our power, where all nations peoples are concerned. Even if we aren’t agreed with internationally.

For that PR adjustment, for our nation, we have the tools and the resources, without sacrifice our national security. See, if you’re uniform and consistent, even we SH*T goes poorly you have a fall back position, for the defense of your actions. When you’re inconsistent and things go poorly, first there’s little defense you can present in your favor internationally, with a double standard policy. (Libya) Then you have a Blow-Back from one or another side. If you’re seriously unlucky or unaware, there will be Blow-Back from both sides, of your internationally perceived foreign policy defeat.


More Killer Rhetoric

The subject matter spoke of,  in the linked article, seems to pertain to actions that may cause, a  “Blow-back” experience sometime in the future. But it seems in the CFR, (Council on Foreign Relations)  there’s support for a future expansion of these practices. You see,  they are thought to be useful, and even successful. It appears this “direct approach’, as it’s called, has caused much collateral damage. A nice name for killing and destruction of non targeted individuals and areas. Yet with statements like, “The investment has paid clear dividends…” , it would seem little  thought is given to the future effects of  “Blow-back”, on the citizenry. They simply continue to push, working to accomplish the goal of installed puppet governments, that help further a  control over regional resources.

Hope is what’s needed, for a new policy to come to pass.  The drone issue is set to drone on. They will continue  the well marketed  “Winning Hearts and Minds” policy speak. They will do the same with “The Right Side of History” rhetoric.  The policies don’t fit the catch phrases, and buzz words don’t fit the practice. And mans inhumanity to their fellow beings, is set to continue on all sides.

Beyond Kill and Capture

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