The Difference Between Rich and Poor

If you are rich and don’t like how you’re treated, you immigrate .

If you are poor and don’t like how you’re treated, you self-immolate.,9171,2044723,00.html

I believe this describes nicely, where we stand on the realities of wealth disparity, and a class war most ignore. Which, in our ongoing patriarchal ignorance, has re-pressurize Sexism and Race issues, with the subconscious fears of white men. Irrational fears In my think, but common to politicians and bankers.

They always believe they are moments away from losing the only thing they hold dear. ” Their Power”.
I look at current conditions and trends, and those who control multinational companies, financial institutions, and western government as the wealth siphon from the bottom up continues.

I expect both practices of rich and poor to grow, using Greece as the template for my theory.

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  1. coyotero2112 says:

    I lived in Cleve Land for a bit, where a whole lot of poor people emmigrated to…only to be used by the leisure class who had immigrated from Connecticut. Weird town with ethnic ghettos for neighborhoods…Slavic Village, Little Italy, the Flats, full of mosquitoes and cholera, for the Irish, Central Avenue for the Southern Blacks, and Millionaire’s Row for the few who made all the moves. Weird, weird, city… I can see why it died so miserably. Good riddance !

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