Eyes in the Sky

Birds in our skies with electronic eyes,

Flying alone but reporting to home,

Taking pictures of you, and yes of me too,

Watching our lives while it swoops and dives,

It’s a game for some few, but not me and you

As privacy falls so do our walls,

Then their judges get through,

To bring sentence on you,

Not just for what, you think they got you,

But scariest of all, for what they think you may do.

About Eternal Verity - Future News Headlines
Second rate polymath, driven close to mad by the murky quagmire of agenda driven disinformation, playing in their muddied waters. More speaker than a writer, and more a reader than anything. More genial than I might appear. My special ability, being able to jump class, in a single bound (Up or Down) My love and concern is for my fellowman and the feeling human in us all.

One Response to Eyes in the Sky

  1. coyotero2112 says:

    I was stiing on my balcony the other night, watching the stars shine, when an odd looking red blip took off, then stopped. Mentioned this to my neighbor, and ex Special Forces guy. He told me it was something called Aurora, or The Aurora…a spy satellite over Central America. I smiled for the camera and put on a baseball cap.

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