You Don’t Give The Muslim Brotherhood 1.5billion Dollars!!!!!!!

I’m not Sure is the story can be verified up as of yet, but I’d like to say this straight away. You Don’t Give The Muslim Brotherhood 1.5billion Dollars!!!!!!!. No matter the party No matter what Western Country you are, without resolution of regional unrest. Our support of Dictatorships needs to end.

In the end it always comes back to haunt us. I don’t think it matters the party of which western country, they have all taken this path. The easy way. The logic of buying peace from your enemy or competition, only serves to empower them onwards.

We speak of being on the right side of history, now is the time to do it. If there is conflict better now than later. But for sure I’m sick of spitting on the ethical high ground.

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Second rate polymath, driven close to mad by the murky quagmire of agenda driven disinformation, playing in their muddied waters. More speaker than a writer, and more a reader than anything. More genial than I might appear. My special ability, being able to jump class, in a single bound (Up or Down) My love and concern is for my fellowman and the feeling human in us all.

2 Responses to You Don’t Give The Muslim Brotherhood 1.5billion Dollars!!!!!!!

  1. I agree totally. Buying a group like this or any group come to that is tantamount to surrender and has the smell of cowardice to my way of thinking. It does not gain their respect or thanks just their contemptuous scorn!

    • History shows us this is a failing policy. Buying a Dictator, Hmm. how many times has this policy ended in failure? I’d say looking at western countries foreign policy, 100% of the time. This action serves to agitate not placate.

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