Gun Control, No Treatment for Mental Illness

I would just like to say, crazy is crazy. Crazy doesn’t require a gun to facilitate a violent outburst, that causes loss of life. The reality is gun control legislation doesn’t cure insanity. Nor does it treat mental illness.

To rationalize that a change in the law or the constitution will stop tragedies, like we’ve seen in Connecticut, is a misconception. I know when emotions are heightened this is hard to hear, but it’s true. To think that such a change to our gun control laws would be effective at deterring the actions of the mentally ill, is a false hope, and flat wishful thinking.

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3 Responses to Gun Control, No Treatment for Mental Illness

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    • We don’t fully agree. I don’t censor opinions, and welcome one and all. I do think there are errors in some of your logic, but there is much emotion in your post. Maybe that has had some effect. I know there is no quick fix for these issues. I also know the public’s short attention span, and the present time power of lobbyists in the present political climate. I can imagine congress accomplishing anything here but maybe a half measure that may be more of a hindrance, than a help.
      I too am disabled, and understand the pain caused by the judgements of others. I wish you the best.

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