Bahrain, The Double Standard

Our media leaves out the story in Bahrain. We aren’t exposed to this brutal double standard, in our nations media, when foreign policy is discussed. I want to feel again, that we as a nation have command of the moral high ground. Respected because we’re uniform and consistent with how we exercise our power, where all nations peoples are concerned. Even if we aren’t agreed with internationally.

For that PR adjustment, for our nation, we have the tools and the resources, without sacrifice our national security. See, if you’re uniform and consistent, even we SH*T goes poorly you have a fall back position, for the defense of your actions. When you’re inconsistent and things go poorly, first there’s little defense you can present in your favor internationally, with a double standard policy. (Libya) Then you have a Blow-Back from one or another side. If you’re seriously unlucky or unaware, there will be Blow-Back from both sides, of your internationally perceived foreign policy defeat.

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