Puffed Fluffed, Kid Stuff

“If the gods had intended for people to vote, they would have given us candidates.” ~ Howard Zinn

This is not agreement with his politics, but I share in his thought here. Maybe TV’s influence, as we are led by the nose to people who look good on camera and sound strong on microphone, media’s darlings, is now a bit much. Instead of substance, we are given poorly scripted reality TV, with way too many ads. for months. Heightening daily, as they create another story on the most minor of election season trivia. Driving millions of thinking people absolutely mad, with ever increasing campaign lies. Why don’t we get serious with our candidates, and refuse this damn puffed fluffed, infotainment kid stuff.

About Eternal Verity - Future News Headlines
Second rate polymath, driven close to mad by the murky quagmire of agenda driven disinformation, playing in their muddied waters. More speaker than a writer, and more a reader than anything. More genial than I might appear. My special ability, being able to jump class, in a single bound (Up or Down) My love and concern is for my fellowman and the feeling human in us all.

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