If Romney is our Winner…

If Romney is our winner, oil and mineral commodity futures should boom, and corporations with operations in those sectors should also rise. I can’t say the same for any other interests. Guessing, I’d say those companies with government contracts will fair well, even as troubles continue. This isn’t necessarily a good thing.

I fear the retailers and retail product manufacturing  sectors of our economy will take a hit. This holiday feels light to me, on the will to buy. If those Funds are parted with this shopping season, I think they should be viewed with the buzz word  “unsustainable” by the public. The reasoning here, the public is who will be forced to cover the government spending, no matter the party calling the shots. Both parties want to spend, but need a quick sharp rap on the head to get their SH*T together, and their priorities straight.

Both Parties want to spend, on their pets. It’s the way of politics and politicians, newly elected or re-elected. If that’s no scary enough, Sequestration looms, in a lame duck session, and it’s good for no one. If that doesn’t scare the SH*T out of you, It Should.

Don’t fool yourselves, either way it goes it’s looking like a damn bumpy ride, and frankly this election season hasn’t made any road easier. We all as citizens, are sure to bare the brunt.

The other reality is, the party that holds office this term, isn’t set up with a good chance for the next election, looking at the presents trends.

The hope, if there is one, there’s capital out of the markets presently, and maybe something in the next four years can get those moneys out of the proverbial safe, and back in play in the markets. However, personally I hold out little hope, with issues as they are. Not just here at home, but Worldwide.

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  1. Watching Futures Markets drop, like hot rocks.

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