Cleaning Up After Sandy

As I watch the  Live News conference from Atlantic City NJ. I must say, they all look tired as hell. Although Obama delegates, so he’s a touch fresher. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, is an excellent advocate, and obviously very concerned for the people of the state of New Jersey. This looks as if, they are nicely on top of it. I will remind though, the economic damage continues. NY State generates revenues, when “all’s well”, of 2.8 billion dollars a day. It’s going to take time to get back to “all’s well”.

As the recovery continues, I’d like to recommend to Gov. Christie, that he use some “Real Housewives of New Jersey” to help clean up the “Jersey Shore”.

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One Response to Cleaning Up After Sandy

  1. At the moment it is too hard to even try and imagine the catastrophe caused by this hurricane, what the people who have suffered are going through is equally unimaginable.

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