Why is the Answer 42?

Why is the answer to the question of Life the Universe and Everything, 42? Here is the answer, for those who have wondered. Some might have to do some small research, to understand this answer. Here it is the answer…. Because Life the Universe and Everything, is just a roll of the Dice.

There are times when we should remember, to not take life so seriously.

About Eternal Verity - Future News Headlines
Second rate polymath, driven close to mad by the murky quagmire of agenda driven disinformation, playing in their muddied waters. More speaker than a writer, and more a reader than anything. More genial than I might appear. My special ability, being able to jump class, in a single bound (Up or Down) My love and concern is for my fellowman and the feeling human in us all.

One Response to Why is the Answer 42?

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    Ahh I am such a nerd that your title caught my attention…Can I Hitchhike on your blog?


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