Rape and God’s Will

Why, I have to ask myself, does this have support? First it’s heartless. There’s no consideration for the victims of this violent crime, with this system of belief. Just the basics in psychology scream foul to this system of belief.
First we look at the victim, who’s most likely suffering from PTSD, because of the violent experience. After that we must consider, if forced to have a child, that the child will be unwanted. If this is the case, the victim might choose, with no other pressures, to give the child up for adoption. If there is pressure, the victim and the child result may, and possibly will, suffer for a life time. Placing the child for adoption. may leave that child still unwanted. Even more so if the prospective parents are informed as to the child’s violent origin. One does have to consider, the mind of the rapist that created the child, diseased as it may be. Also the possibility, that child might suffer the same condition.

Not only is this concept cruel to the victim and child created, It adds stress to all the structures, the belief system that supports this, protests continuing to fund. The set up, to damage those whom this system claims to support, is obvious. There’s built in increases to social services, that this belief and policy will require. The possible future costs and risk to our society, comes on many levels. All these risks Scream and wave flags to the ignorance and double standards , that actually surround the poor logic of this system of belief.
 This act and it’s outcome, is against God’s will, not because of it. But that’s just my opinion.

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3 Responses to Rape and God’s Will

  1. Ankur Mithal says:

    Specious reasoning, if ever there was one. In that case, man does not need to lift a finger. Whatever happens will happen by God’s will. Romney and Obama need not have spent billions contesting an election. Whoever God willed would have won in any case. The most cowardly reason, in my view, ever offered, even if allowance were made for the speaker being a politician, I believe.

  2. John Pennington, San Francisco says:

    If rape is God’s will, then surely we have erred in making rape a crime.

  3. I find rape to be the most cowardly of all crimes, murder can sometimes be a spur of the moment thing but rape never can be anything but vile cold blooded premeditated violence forced upon somebody weaker than the cowardly perpetrators of this act. There is no justification ever for rape and no excuse ever for rape and there can be no forgiveness. Anybody that denies this therefore condones this and is therefore as guilty as the perpetrators.

    I feel very strongly about this subject and it sickens me when I read statements from so called representatives of the people denying the existence of rape

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