Too Big for their Breeches

There is no question that financial institutions have their place. There’s also no questions that business is a benefit to society, as they provide needed goods and services. However, I’m seeing that they’ve become a little too big for their breeches, because of gains made through policy change, low borrowing rates, and increasing fraudulent practices, that aren’t litigated as crimes. This has supported a sense within the industry, of  being untouchable. Too big to fail as a concept, continued bailouts, and small fines for large scale theft and fraud, have created this climate.

I see greater control of the populous, because of the untouchables. Food is a great example. As petroleum corporations increase the manufacture of biofuel, food comes off the table for the worlds poor. This is caused by an increase in commodity prices. As edible calories are removed from the market. Even though there is no need to use food stuffs for biofuel manufacture.

Farming food production and distribution is a petroleum dominated industry. From fuel for the farm equipment, to pesticides and fertilizers used during cultivation, and the fueling of the trains and trucks that bring those products to your store, all enabled by petroleum.

There isn’t a commodity that’s not made possible by petroleum. And there isn’t a commodity who’s price can’t be manipulated, as power players fiddle with the world stomach and lives. Considering the importance of food prices, as people need to eat. Also including fuel again, as people need heat light and to cook their food. People also need to save for their futures, when the fiat currencies that dominate monetary exchange, stability is in question. A function of precious metals, to my thinking. But the commodities market is also the structure that can make unavailable these life sustaining elements to the masses of impoverished persons.

These controls and manipulations are no big surprise, as we watch the siphoning of wealth from the bottom, up. I’d also expect even more outrageous behaviors from these created entities. Many see reports of fraud in other financial sectors. Which is not a surprise. But many don’t note manipulations within the commodities markets. Even though commodity prices are reflected in a households everyday purchases.

The prices of commodities are set to become even more important, to the average consumer. I say this because I believe we have inflation locked into our future. We will have inflation because of continued printing of money and growing debt. I foresee a 50% currency devaluation over the next 12 years, here in the US. Something that never would have needed to happen, but for the present time flawed policy and practices of the FED.

Unfortunately many have been led to believe, inflation will help them with their personal debts. This may be, but the total effect continues to advance the gap between rich and poor. This is the plan though, it appears by the games being played in the markets. It advances the two class system so sought by the elite investors. You can see this related in the stock markets rebound since 2008. The numbers are up for sure, but the reality when one asks those saving for retirement or a rainy day is they’ve taken a serious hit, and their investments haven’t rebounded as the markets numbers would suggest. But you ask yourself where did it go, and that’s obvious. Those moneys lost by ordinary investors, from retirement savings and small investor portfolios have been siphon straight to the top.

I believe we need to see this idea of wealth trickling down, as a failure. I also think, the only voodoo we see in our economics, is the magic of wealthy redistribution to the top, while pushing the idea that those on the bottom are the drain on the middle class. When will the masses see how they are being controlled and lied to, about what’s in store for their financial future. I see losses. Losses from more scams more scandal and more fraud. These used as weapons by the power players, to part those with retirement funds and small investor portfolios, from their money.

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