Mountain of Problems

I’m upset by this short video. My feeling is, it shows ecosystem and environmental destruction, as ART. Funny when you think, “Fracking” does essentially the same, to release the Oil under our feet. We just never see the Scar. Out of site shouldn’t mean, out of mind.

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4 Responses to Mountain of Problems

  1. joanitaska says:

    The idea that humans have the hubris to think we can put back nature the way it was after we destroy it breaks my heart.

  2. Mining companies in Australia are required to clean up their mess once the mining ends and return the country to some semblance of order. Considering the vast amount of mining that is going on in Western Australia you’d think that it would be an impossible task, but when the legislation is in place put there by a strong government it’s amazing what the mining companies can and will accomplish. The big holes that are made are returned to a pristine condition and it is hard to see where the mining took place. I often wonder why some of these vast holes aren’t turned into lakes

    • Water is now a commodity.


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