Spectator in the Roman Colosseum

I have no investments, I live simply because my means are extremely limited.  I’ve been a follower though, of  financial markets, economic policies and the movement of wealth within the worldwide monetary system, since my youth. There are understandings I’ve come to, looking at these structures. You can read all you like study all you like, and  have as many degrees on the subject matter as you like, but that will only take those concerned so far. The reason behind this is the  stochasticity of all markets, and the unreality of fiat currencies.

Now we see the manipulations surfacing. Curious and criminal evaporation of segregated funds. Non-standard practices, quietly reported, so as to be forgotten. Ethically flawed mechanisms, providing unfair advantage, to a special few. Electronic high speed algorithmic trading, that allows for markets manipulations. Practices and policies worldwide, that benefit only banks and disregard people, to the point it brings demonstrations to the street, in country after country. All of these causing pain to the great majority, and greater wealth to a very few.

This economic trickery, with a massive campaign of propaganda behind it,  keeps saying it’s all going to be okay. I don’t see how. Economic austerity, government budget cuts, these are all mantras banged into our heads in every paper magazine, or video media news source. All policies I find to be counter productive,  in achieving the desired goal. I look at this cross-purpose with scorn and contempt.

There are  questions I find hard to answer, in the wake of all this advancing scandal. The question is, where are the accounting firms in all this? Why does the SEC settle each scandal that’s revealed, for mere pennies, in comparison to the damage done? Why do these grand economic schemes, all vacuums to middle class saving, find such support? Why are class caricatures, used to vilify the weakest among us as the problem?  Why isn’t the coming inflation, a bigger story?

All my questions have answers. All of what I’ve stated have one thing in common. The commonality is the structure of power and how it relates to the wealthy. It’s about the control of people and the move to a two class system. I call it a W-W theory. W-W stands for the “Weak and the Wealthy”. I use this as a base concept, in the powers that be, desired goal.

We view network news that’s only in sound bites. We watch reality television that shows no reality. We live disconnected lives, only surfacing every four years, if that, thinking we’ve participated in our democracy. We are economically illiterate. We are complacent. We are trusting of those whom culture has told us require respect. We are spectator in the Roman Colosseum. We are Lambs lead to slaughter.

I have a dream. The dream sees better days. The dream has a completely different perspective than the present  paradigm. Some have called it “waking up”. Some have called it becoming enlightened. I think it to be simpler than that. I call it paying attention, and being concerned about the future. I dream of that. Why do I dream that? I dream it, because we’ve been made blind by a constant diet of the inane and unimportant drivel. We’ve been lulled to sleep, with a system of control so insidious, some think of  it like a best friend. The control, your television. There’s good to be found in broadcast media, but understanding what your seeing, why your seeing it, and it’s effects, aren’t often considered when clicking the power button on the remote control. My dream is for my fellows to be aware of the systems of control, and see through it, once and for all, and change it.

About Eternal Verity - Future News Headlines
Second rate polymath, driven close to mad by the murky quagmire of agenda driven disinformation, playing in their muddied waters. More speaker than a writer, and more a reader than anything. More genial than I might appear. My special ability, being able to jump class, in a single bound (Up or Down) My love and concern is for my fellowman and the feeling human in us all.

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