Hijacked GOP

I miss the republicans of old. As we war with fundamentalists in the middle east, northern Africa and beyond, the gap from what was to what will be grows. Religion is the catalyst, that seems to be pushing our world to further extremes.

We worry about, or are led to worry about, the advance of Islam. We as a Christian dominated nation, with little knowledge of the religious teaching of another faith, are guided by what media presents to us, as the motivations for such violence. We have heard that we are hated for our freedoms. We are directed to hot button issues, like Sharia Law. These topics, media directed, promote Fear, and advance a Christian fundamentalists republican movement. A movement that’s Hijacked, as I see it, the “Grand Old Party” of my youth.

Fear is the weapon of choice, used to enable this new growth in Americanized fundamentalism. It started long ago, this use of Fear as a control mechanism. Mainstream Media presentations make this glaringly obvious. When one takes a critical look at the emphasis given to reports, on any evening news broadcast, with the use images and wording as rhetorical devices, there is little question Fear is the key.

The challenge to something as intangible as one’s religious beliefs, is a prefect breeding ground for the growth of fundamentalism. Beliefs when impugned, directly or indirectly, may perturbs any established group. Having been upset, fear is easy to interject using those rhetorical devices, pervasive in mainstream media.

The language of fear then used by the Hijacked GOP is most disturbing. When traditional conservatism is described as Leftist, I have to take note. When folks barely scraping by, want to grow an already massive military, I have to take note. When more and greater expansion of military occupation and involvement, is the prescription for peace, and the installation of American style democracy, I have to take note. I take note, because all of these are products of fear.

I take note of these circumstances, and pray for a return to some logic. Logic that the “Grand Old Party” once had. Maybe the words of a Democrat, Franklin D. Roosevelt, will display this New Rights folly. “The Only Thing We Have to Fear, Is Fear Itself”



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  2. DarkLord says:

    Great post. I just started to follow your blog and read this post. Finally, someone out there sees beyond the bs that is being spouted by both parties. Fear in America is the greatest weapon used against its citizens. Today’s fear – Muslims, Arabs, Sharia, anything “non-Christian” or “un-American.” I have spoken to family, friends and colleagues about the exact same thing only to receive stares of disbelief to glares of outright heresy.

    From the very few posts that I have read of yours, it looks like you believe there is still hope for this country – I, on the other hand, feel it is lost. If Americans can’t see beyond the fear-induced mania perpetrated by both our parties, then we are lost.

    I hope I’m wrong….

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