The Waters of Life

This is a deep reproval of a control systems logic, not a call to action, and approval of the conclusion presented This is a view of possibility, probability, and opinion, about the future of tactics in conflict, and there devastating effects. The outcomes when presented to their ends, are simply to see in the minds eye.

I wonder, which I’m still allowed to do, about standard beliefs concerning military actions. I’m considering here, the actions we see in conflicts, worldwide. Bombs and Bullets, make good press, but the destruction that’s caused, represents an antediluvian system of control, We should know and apply more sense, at this point in our history of brutal conflict, with the current foreign policy direction. We do like to see ourselves, as on the forefront of compassion, liberty and democracy. We should look to a new system of control.

These wars for the installation of “Americanized” Democracies, are wastefully expensive, and we need a New Strategy, to continue our “domination”, under the current prevailing foreign policy logic.

So, using this prevailing and continued foreign policy path, and after looking at geography, Geo-political considerations, if the present trends advance, infrastructural development, present perceived economic value, and a worldwide financial markets, seeming bent on turn all goods into commodities, the actions for this direction are seemingly, mindlessly obvious. To yours truly, they are a nightmare.

I’d hoped some would see it by now, if considering what you already know of “Man” himself. I can’t be sure though, with any few words I put in front of you, that this movement, trend , advance of policy, through the “Good Faith Seeding, of Americanized Democracy”, will be extrapolated to the deduction made between these few words. To be exceedingly clear about this almost fanatical foreign policies outcome here, is simple. The prevailing control system will find it easy to justify, with only the standard manipulations.

Control all the water with your occupations, and you control Life. (This policy is actually at work now, in some well known control systems)

It’s possible though, it will only be seen, by the control system that prevails, as a great way to control Death. (Possibly already perceived as such. by some.)

About Eternal Verity - Future News Headlines
Second rate polymath, driven close to mad by the murky quagmire of agenda driven disinformation, playing in their muddied waters. More speaker than a writer, and more a reader than anything. More genial than I might appear. My special ability, being able to jump class, in a single bound (Up or Down) My love and concern is for my fellowman and the feeling human in us all.

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