Greek Pain (FB 2/10-12/2012)

I’m sitting quietly waiting for Greece to go pop. I hope they stick with their Sovereignty, and tell the Banking and Political Fascist to screw off. Iceland Argentina, Greece looks good with them, over the brutally cruel suffering that will be imposed on the people by furthering these measures. This sets a precedent if they break, so this type of strong arming of a nation states into serfdom, will continue to be followed on all other nation states to come. And, boy are there more to come.

Remember, if they say they are going to default over a/the weekend, it’s a pay off of sorts. to Banks and other large creditors, as they will position themselves and be well in play, to take advantage of a/the Monday worldwide stock market openings. Further draining the wealth form real savers will be the result, if this occurs. I’d like to remind all here, as I say this, to remember that their are markets that if you don’t have the prerequisite wealth, you don’t get to participate. As we go on, and see the rich get richer while the poor become greater in number, that these unfair practices are why your savings keep going down. For all those with simple retirement funds, my deepest heart felt sorrows for your impending losses, should a default occur. I believe in the end it will be for the best future. Not that it will make it any easier. As usual this comes to, We can’t do anything to help ourselves until it almost breaks us. I wish that were not the case.

Lowering the minimum wage over 20%, will be their downfall.

Greece pressure to ministers as they look to vote. Saying, if you don’t vote for the new, and even more radical measures, to make the Greek people suffer, you have no place in this government….. Welcome to Fascism in Europe, it rises again.

Catastrophe or catastrophe. One will continue the pain with each subsequent bailout to follow. The other will bring the country to the brink. Which is close to where it sit now. It makes the country united for their future, as they heal. Neighbor will help neighbor. And if needed, humanitarian help will come. Making this a publicity nightmare for the EU. They will end up looking as if they tried to start a genocide. Greece will proudly make it’s return to prosperity, as Iceland did and Argentina has. And No precedent will be set for this banking brutality to continue. Lost in the issue, and needed to be acknowledged through this issue, is the fact that each and every country is Bankrupt. This Continuing Is Flat Silly, and an Exercise in Futility. Truth not scare tactic. Reality for us all.

You do not get out of debt, with the creation of more debt. Continued pain with each subsequent bailout, was the choice made for the people. When you keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome, what are you? The default inevitable is left for another day, like their next bailout payment.

Hey, you don’t want to believe my words as true? Thought this was the end? Thought Greece had been saved? Here a link with a lovely little document attached to it from PM Greece to Head of IMF. It makes me sick, what banks are doing to Greece. And now they have broken, this tactic with Greece as the example will be perpetuate on each country to follow.

Hey, and here’s an old graph, which has only become worse since it’s publishing, a bit over a year ago. Please note your top Eight, in risk of default.

Where did these folks get their education on economics? Mine comes from a freaking Cracker Jack box, I’m aware of the world being bankrupt, and I’m dumb as a post, with zero education. I wish more had a base knowledge of banking government and economics. But those subjects have been removed to prepare from standardized multiple guess testing.

Missing also from reports, is the fact with each bailout, Greece debt has risen about 15 Billion dollars. What a plan.

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